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Lluvia Spa

Jl. Sunset Road No. 28 Seminyak – Bali

Lluvia Spa presents a warm and friendly atmosphere for visitors. Design an open lobby that will give you a natural atmosphere of the green, fresh and cool. We also provide massage room with a "river view" that will make you feel comfortable and calm during a spa

Design and architecture of the room is another advantage that we are proud. Lluvia spa consists of 20 standard rooms and 4 VIP rooms. Design of the Lluvia spa themed modern and natural. We strive to unite these two elements, so as to create a natural feel refreshing in the modern city life.


- LLuvia Special Massage

A unique massage that used a "tantra" technique with combination between a Balinese classic massage and yoga technique usin a choice of aromatherapy oil that is emphasized on the meridians* dots in our body which enable to refresh the body.

*Meridian is an energy circulation system inside the human body.

(1.5 hours : USD.40)

- Face Massage

Face massage begins with a cleansing facial, face massage, face mask using the mask of fruit and finish with the use of moisturizer on your face. Enjoy our warm ginger serving drinks after you do a spa.

1. Seaweed : for normal skin.
2. Avocado : for dry skin.
3. Cucumber : for oily skin.
4. Greentea : for all skin.
5. Mud : for wringkled skin

(1 hour : USD.30)

- Traditional lulur

Traditional Lulur Spa is a traditional Indonesia treatment which is well known and has been proven to soften the skin and remove dead skin cells. The natural ingredients such as turmeric and various types of tropical spices help to nourish your skin. This special treatment will begin with traditional body massage and will end with flower bath. A cup of ginger tea will keep you accompany as you relax and soak in the flower.

(2 hour : USD.60)

- LLuvia Pearl spa

Enjoy the luxury and benefits of pearl body spa treatment. Pearl Scrub and mask contain protein and natural moisturizers that have been proven to be very good for keeping skin smoothness and repair damaged skin. Begin aromatherapy massage to relax body and mind, this luxurious treatment will end with a flower bath and enjoy a cup of healthy soy bean drink.

(2 hour : USD.65)

- Foot Reflexology

Relax your foot with aromatherapy foot bath, followed by massage on sole of foot, calf to knee.

( 1 hour : USD.28 )

- Aromatherapy Massage

Technical massage combined with perfumery aroma which is suitable with your needs. It balances your body and soul.

( 1 hour : USD.30 ; 1.5 hour : USD. 40 ; 2 hours : USD.45 )

- Stone massage

Stone massage is an ancient healing art which is a very unique form of therapy using basalt stone which are heated in the water as the medium for treatment that can generate energy and calming the mind.

( USD.55 )

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