Fair Price Guarantee

You are looking for the best deal You are right at Baliroomsandvillas.com. We will always offer you the best deal on the market. This means we will never sell you an accommodation or service for a higher price as the property operator himself.

Please note

- The other offer must be for an identical product that consists of exactly the same parts and services as the offer on Baliroomsandvillas.com to make the offer comparable.
- The other offer must be real and Baliroomsandvillas.com retains the right to check the validity of it.
- The other offer must be made by a party that is entitled to make the offer.
- You have to compare and submit the other offer before booking. We will not be able to refund you any price differences after you have booked on Baliroomsandvillas.com.


Independent and Objective Expert advice 

We have two decades of experience in operating hospitality services on the wonderful island of Bali. We know the market and can assess the value of a service offered. With this expertise we will help you to make the best possible choice that provides the best value to yourself. And you will never be paying more than by booking a service with the property operator directly (see fair price guarantee).

As we do not operate every room, hotel, or villa ourselves we cannot control the quality of each product directly. But we have other measures in place to keep the quality up. For example we have a set of criteria (such as reputation, quality of product description, experience in operation, etc.) that a 3rd party operator has to fulfill before being able to list its services and properties on our platform. We will survey recent guests of each of the operator‘s properties before listing them and may not allow the listing if we are not happy with the feedback. Once we offer the property we will continue to survey a chosen number of travelers that booked a certain trip on the Baliroomsandvillas.com platform.

While we certainly hope that you book on our platform we do not care what accommodation you will book. Your satisfaction is what matters to us and will let us be successful in the future. The best offer with the best value will win and that is fine for us.